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Put Your Hands In The Air for Radiesse!

Put Your Hands In The Air for Radiesse!

If you are like most people, you probably think the telltale signs of aging are limited to the face, neck, and chest. Not to add another area to your maintenance checklist- but take a moment to look at your hands. Yes, that’s right- your hands! Although an effective skincare regimen and cosmetic procedures may help your face age gracefully, the back of your hands may be telling a different story.

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avoiding botox scams

BOTOX Scams: Discounts That Are Too Good To Be True

Botox is incredibly effective at reducing wrinkles, which is why it is no surprise that it is one of the top cosmetic procedures worldwide. However, with the increasing popularity comes the increasing numbers of BOTOX scams, including those who call themselves “injectors” as well as counterfeit products. Because BOTOX and Dysport injections may seem simple, it’s often easy to overlook that injecting these products is still a sensitive medical procedure that must be performed by qualified medical professionals.

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basic essentials of skin care

The Basic Essentials of Skin Care

We all know how intimidating a complex skin care regimen can seem. It sounds like a great idea when planning, however implementing a regimen that consists of five or more skin care products daily seems like the last thing anyone would want to do after a long day. If you are tired of using product x and y at 8:57pm on weekday nights, just to alternate products a, b, and c at 6:00pm on weekend nights, then we will make it extremely easy for you. I am here to strip it down to the simplest components of skin care – our basic essentials.

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excessive sweating miraDry

Excessive Sweating: Why MiraDry Is a Game Changer

If embarrassing underarm sweat, stained clothing, or frequent deodorant applications interfere with your daily life, then you may be a perfect candidate for miraDry! Hear from Soine Dermatology’s Office Manager, Bobbie, as she talks about her own experience with miraDry and answers frequently asked questions about this solution to problems like excessive sweating and underarm odor.

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mira dry treatment

Sweat Stinks! miraDry Treatments Now at Soine Dermatology

Don’t Hide It, Get Rid of It!

Have you purchased every type of deodorant or antiperspirants imaginable? Do you still sweat when it is cold outside? Do you only own black or white clothing to try to disguise embarrassing pit stains? If you’ve experienced excessive sweating, you know how it can impact your confidence and quality of life. Excessive sweating can be embarrassing and uncomfortable, especially in the armpits. Living in southern Louisiana it’s almost impossible not to sweat. Even if you are not a “sweaty” person, our geographical location has always made it hard to stay dry- until now. MiraDry has the long lasting solution for humiliating pit stains.

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aging neck

Ultherapy: The Best Skin Tightening Treatment for an Aging Neck

Is your neck giving away your age?

You may have heard the old adage “You can tell a woman’s age by her neck”- and this statement could not be more accurate. Our tendency as women is to focus on the areas of our body that seem most important (the face) while ignoring others (the neck). At Soine Dermatology, we receive daily inquiries on how to improve the appearance of the aging neck. Unfortunately, the skin on the neck is much thinner and more sensitive than the face and tends to receive fewer applications of protective sunscreen. It also has fewer pores per square inch, which means it is susceptible to greater damage and accelerated aging. Since the focus of our sunscreen and other anti-aging products are used on the face to prevent wrinkles and damage, the neck becomes unintentionally ignored.

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eye treatments

Tired of Looking Tired? The Best Youthful Eye Treatments

Are your eyes making you look older than you feel? Whether it’s genetics or the result of the aging process, one of the earliest signs of aging can be seen around the eyes- which is why it is important to take care of this delicate skin early on. You can skip the invasive procedures such as a blepharoplasty because we offer a variety of alternatives to help restore more youthful, vibrant eyes.

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how to get rid of freckles

Freckle-ectomy: How to get rid of freckles

You may have heard freckles referred to as “kisses from the sun” and if you have, then you are correct. But let’s get technical- freckles are from the sun, but are actually damage from the sun. Freckles are intertwined with genetics and sun exposure and tend to be most common in individuals with fair skin or individuals with blonde/ red hair. If you read my previous blog on the dangers of tanning beds you’ll know I am a victim of the “burn, freckle, peel” cycle when exposed to long periods of sun exposure. And if we are being honest, I thought my freckles were cute until I started working at Soine Dermatology & Aesthetics and got a future glimpse of what they truly become- age spots!

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