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avoiding botox scams

BOTOX Scams: Discounts That Are Too Good To Be True

Botox is incredibly effective at reducing wrinkles, which is why it is no surprise that it is one of the top cosmetic procedures worldwide. However, with the increasing popularity comes the increasing numbers of BOTOX scams, including those who call themselves “injectors” as well as counterfeit products. Because BOTOX and Dysport injections may seem simple, it’s often easy to overlook that injecting these products is still a sensitive medical procedure that must be performed by qualified medical professionals.


If Everyone Offers BOTOX, Who Should You Trust?

Do your homework. There is a huge difference between knowing who CAN inject, and who SHOULD inject- and the ones who should inject are board certified dermatologists and board certified plastic surgeons. That’s it. It is a very short list. It is important to know the difference because it is incredibly easy to become trained and licensed to inject Botox in just a weekend course. There are a lot of financial incentives for all doctors to advertise Botox, and it is easy to find yourself in the wrong hands.


Discounts That Are Too Good To Be True

Botox is mainly sold “by the unit.” Experienced injectors will inject a customized treatment plan for each individual which is measured in units and placed in specific areas of the face. As an employee, I can vouch firsthand that the product itself has hard costs which in turn reflects in the cost for the consumer. Reputable clinics will naturally charge more for the injections, but with that price, comes guaranteed fresh product and a qualified physician. With that being said, discounts that are offered several dollars (per unit) below the standard pricing should be a huge red flag! If it sounds too good to be true- it is.


The Product Could Be Expired/Old

Another red flag to look for is if the price is significantly discounted, it may be in your best interest to question the quality of the product. As I said, there are certain costs associated with just carrying Botox in the office, and Botox, like every other medical product, does have a shelf-life. Once Botox is diluted with saline solution, the product needs to be used within a couple of weeks. If the product is expired then you may see heavily discounted prices to avoid throwing away the remaining product and losing money.


Counterfeit or Over-Diluted Product

Many clinics that are selling ultra-cheap Botox may peddle a product that is not truly BOTOX. It’s possible that it is an off-brand knock-off or even a very dangerous counterfeit product. It is also very possible that it is over-diluted, meaning the product may be like weaker than it should be. Injecting counterfeit products can result in very dangerous, harmful, or adverse effects. I am not saying this is always the case- but is it known to occur, and it occurs frequently.

avoiding botox scams

Avoiding BOTOX Scams:

Visit an Experienced BOTOX Expert… Like Dr. Soine!

There is an art to injecting all cosmetic procedures, BOTOX included. To achieve optimal results, you need both a quality product and a quality injector. Dr. Soine has the skill, knowledge, and experience to help you achieve those results.


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