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Put Your Hands In The Air for Radiesse!

Put Your Hands In The Air for Radiesse!

If you are like most people, you probably think the telltale signs of aging are limited to the face, neck, and chest. Not to add another area to your maintenance checklist- but take a moment to look at your hands. Yes, that’s right- your hands! Although an effective skincare regimen and cosmetic procedures may help your face age gracefully, the back of your hands may be telling a different story.

The Truth Tellers Of Aging Skin

Our face is usually the primary focus of special care to keep us looking our best and to ward off the signs of aging. However, throughout our lives, our hands receive innumerable hours of sun exposure which results in UV damage. UV damage to the hands causes the skin on the back of the hands to thin with age, develop dark spots, and make it more prone to wrinkling. All that youthful plumpness dries up and as a result, the veins and the bones become more prominent. Sun protection of the hands can be a complex topic due of the fact that your hands are busy. Even if you are vigilant and apply (and sometimes reapply), you wash your hands all day long, rub them against things such a towels, the fabric of your pockets, etc.- all of which remove your sunscreen.

Dark Spots, Brown Spots, Age Spots…

Dark spots are the results of the overproduction of melanin, also known as skin pigment. The overproduction is a direct result of UV damage and occurs in an effort to protect the skin from further sun damage- debunking the myth that they are “liver spots.” Nonetheless, these dark spots do in fact reveal age and can be quite embarrassing to some. Thankfully these are easy to treat! In order to get full hand rejuvenation we would start with the top layer and remove those “age spots” using BBL.

BBL Treatments

As you may have read in my Freckle-ectomy Blog on treatment for unwanted pigment and freckles, BBL is the easiest and most effective way of removing unwanted pigment. BBL uses light to heat up the pigment, causing it to actually become darker, and then it exfoliates off- all while keeping the normal skin intact. Once the dark spots are removed, we then move to focus on the thinness and wrinkles of the skin.

Radiesse For Youthful Hands

Radiesse is the only filler FDA-approved for use on the hands. Radiesse is the leader in this treatment of the hands because it offers a dual action- restoring volume while simultaneously stimulating collagen production. By stimulating collagen production, your body produces more natural collagen to provide fullness to your hands over time. Restoring volume adds plumpness and reduces the visibility of wrinkles, veins, and tendons giving the hands a more youthful appearance. Radiesse treatments are simple and quick and the results typically last up to one year.

Dual Treatments For Aging Hands

Because hands typically age in both ways- surface imperfections such as wrinkling and pigment as well as a loss in skin thickness- optimal results are found when combining both fillers and lasers. And as always, the best treatment is prevention! A daily sunscreen (preferably water-resistant) should be applied and reapplied daily. If you wish you had younger looking hands, give our office a call today and learn which options are best for you!

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