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Laser Hair Removal

Laser Hair Removal Covington LA

Unwanted hair is a problem many people struggle with. An endless round of shaving, waxing and tweezing can be time consuming and expensive. Fortunately, Soine Dermatology & Aesthetics can perform laser hair removal that offers a lasting remedy.

Laser hair removal can offer you a number of benefits. The procedure can be used virtually anywhere on the body, even sensitive areas like the bikini zone, with a minimum of discomfort. Laser hair removal is precise. Dermatologists can target just the hair that needs to be removed while leaving surrounding skin untouched. Each treatment takes a relatively small amount of time because the laser can focus on several hairs at once. Within a fraction of a second, the practitioner can be moving on to the next section. A small area, such as the upper lip, requires about a minute to finish. If you’d like to have a larger area, like your back, treated, it may take about an hour to perform the laser hair removal. Many people also love laser hair removal because of its effectiveness. Between three and five sessions are all that is required to achieve permanent hair removal.

The laser hair removal procedures performed by Dr. Soine and his staff utilize the latest technological advances. This makes the treatment safer and more effective than ever before. Equipment used during the hair removal process features a cooling device that helps to ensure your optimal comfort. The cooling device also protects the outermost layer of your skin and guards against potential changes in pigmentation that might otherwise result. Because hair grows in cycles, you can expect to need at least three sessions to completely remove the hair.

Several factors can affect the ultimate success of laser hair removal. As a general guideline, these procedures work best on fair skinned individuals who would like to remove dark hair. Lighter hair tends to not be as responsive. However, Dr. Soine may be able to make a recommendation for alternative treatments or ways to enhance the effectiveness of laser hair removal for people with fair hair.

Before commencing hair removal treatments, Dr. Soine will make certain that you understand how to safely and appropriately prepare for these procedures. By following these guidelines, you can rest assured that your hair removal process will go as smoothly as possible. Dr. Soine may suggest that you refrain from shaving, waxing, tweezing and otherwise removing hair from the affected area for a few weeks before your first treatment. It might also be wise to avoid sun exposure because fairer skin typically yields improved results.

Laser hair removal is a medical and cosmetic dermatological procedure. It should always be performed by an experienced, licensed professional like Dr. Soine to ensure your health and the overall effectiveness of the treatment. Dr. Soine has helped countless patients to achieve the smooth, hair free look they desire with a minimum of side effects. For your health and wellness, and to ensure successful laser hair removal, make an appointment with Dr. Soine.

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