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Medical Dermatology

Medical Dermatology: The Gateway to Good Health

Every inch of the human body is covered with skin. It protects us from the elements, regulates our temperature and enables us to interact with the world through touch. Your skin is an amazing part of you, and it deserves quality care.

A Trusted Dermatologist

Dr. Soine specializes in conditions and disorders that affect the skin. He has treated thousands of patients with concerns ranging from a mysterious rash to melanoma. Dr. Soine and his highly qualified staff believe that any change in the condition or appearance of your skin deserves immediate treatment. Call or click today to schedule a medical dermatology appointment.

Mole and Growth Removal

Most people have a few moles scattered over their skin. These pigmented skin cell clusters are sometimes present at birth; other moles may develop over the lifetime of the individual. While many of these growths are harmless, some may develop an abnormality that should be examined by a dermatologist. If you have several moles or if you feel that you have a mole that is changing, contact Dr. Soine to learn about easy, virtually painless removal methods.


Stress, hormones, excessive oil, all of these are contributing factors that cause acne. Most people associate this troublesome skin condition with the adolescent and teen years, but many adults are afflicted with acne too. It can be embarrassing. Even worse, acne causes scarring that may permanently affect your appearance. Fortunately, several proven treatment options are available. Oral and topical treatments can address current acne issues while other procedures take care of breakouts present and past. Treatment with fillers can reduce the appearance of scarring, and the right skin care products can help prevent future breakouts. Any of these treatment options may radically improve your appearance and your confidence level.


This troubling disorder involves dry skin and itchiness. It can cause the sufferer significant distress and discomfort. However, medical dermatology offers many treatment options that can seriously reduce the severity and frequency of symptoms. Making adjustments to your daily diet, adding a nutritional supplement to your routine and using the right skin care products can transform your life if you are living with eczema.


A flushed face isn’t always the result of physical exertion. For the people who suffer from rosacea a red face can be a normal and disturbing condition. The application of various creams or taking prescribed medications can both treat rosacea symptoms. Medical dermatology also makes it possible to treat this disorder with laser based technology. With proper treatment, you may find that you only get red faced at the gym.

Hives and Rashes

Although rashes rarely indicate a serious condition, they can still cause serious discomfort. Most hives and rashes are caused by allergic reactions, an infection or an adverse reaction to a medication. They can normally be treated with gentle cleaning, anti-itch cream and antibiotic ointment. Because some rashes can indicate a more serious underlying condition, it’s always best to have this symptom checked out by a dermatologist.

Skin Cancer

Millions of Americans are diagnosed with some form of skin cancer every year. Most of these cases are highly treatable, particularly if they are caught early. Make annual screenings a part of your regular skin care routine. Some forms of skin cancer can be deadly, and medical dermatology provides numerous treatment options. If you have a family history of melanoma or other cancers or you’ve had excessive sun exposure in the past, call or click to make an appointment.

Medical Dermatology for Your Health

Your skin should be as well-nourished and cared for as the rest of your body. Contact Soine Dermatology & Aesthetics for a medical dermatology appointment.

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