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miraDry Treatment in Covington

Say Goodbye to Sweaty Armpits… for Good!

Looking and feeling your best shouldn’t include the embarrassment and frustration caused by underarm sweat and odor. Even if you don’t experience excessive sweating, sweat and odor are simply a bother. Now, there is a lasting solution that can make embarrassing sweat and odor a thing of the past. miraDry is the only non-invasive, FDA-cleared treatment to permanently eliminate sweat and odor glands in the armpit area.

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Welcome to the World of miraDry!

A new generation of technology only available to qualified physicians; miraDry is a quick in-office treatment that provides immediate and permanent results with minimal to no downtime.

With miraDry you can:

• Stop underarm sweat for good
• Feel & smell fresh and clean, all the time!
• Stop staining your shirts
• Stop using deodorants and antiperspirants
• See a dramatic reduction in underarm hair

Ready to stop “sweatin’ it?” You’re ready for miraDry.

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One-Hour Treatment and Results in as Little as One Visit

The miraDry treatment takes approximately one hour to complete, and you will see results immediately. Once the sweat and odor glands are eliminated, they do not regenerate- giving the patient permanent results in one easy treatment.

Downtime? What Downtime?

miraDry is non-invasive which means no incisions, and the “downtime” is minimal. After the treatment, patients can return to normal activities and can typically resume exercise within several days. Normal side effects include temporary localized soreness or swelling, and a numbing sensation which resolves within 1-2 weeks.

How miraDry Works

Using electromagnetic energy, miraDry delivers this energy to the area under the arm where the sweat glands reside. To maximize comfort for the patient, the miraDry technology is equipped with a cooling system to help during the procedure. Additionally, since local anesthesia is administered to the underarm area prior to treatment, most patients experience little to no pain. As an added bonus to the miraDry treatment, especially for women, patients will experience a dramatic reduction in underarm hair- regardless of the hair color.

miraDry is Confidence

Only the miraDry procedure gives you lasting results with a non-invasive solution. With the miraDry procedure, you can get on with your life and leave the burden of excessive sweat and odor behind. In as little as one treatment, the miracle of miraDry will leave you feeling clean, confident and carefree… forever.

If you suffer with excessive underarm sweating or embarrassing odors and would like to do something about it, schedule a consultation at Soine Dermatology & Aesthetics below to learn more about miraDry.

Ready to stop “sweatin’ it?” You’re ready for miraDry.

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