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Scar Treatment

Scar Treatment Covington LA

Every scar tells a story. One may remind you of the time you fell out of a tree when you were eight. Another is a memento of your bout with appendicitis. Others may be from acne or a terrible burn you suffered in a cooking mishap. Scars do tell a story, but sometimes you wish they weren’t so visible. With an advanced, effective scar treatment administered by a dermatologist, you can minimize the appearance of almost any scar.

Scars are a natural part of your body’s healing process. Most people have at least one or two. Depending upon the size, appearance and placement of the scar, these imperfections can be more or less annoying. A small, faint scar on a fingertip may be far less troublesome than one that’s next to your eye. Scars come in all shapes and sizes; some are quite dark while others are pale. These marks can be lumpy, flat or pitted, and although many of them do not provoke any particular physical sensations, others may be itchy or even painful.

While no cosmetic or laser dermatology procedure can eliminate a scar, a number of scar treatment options can make these imperfections far less noticeable. With the care of an experienced dermatologist, it’s possible to wear a swimsuit without embarrassment or to put your best face forward in every situation.

When you visit Dr. Soine to learn about various scar treatment methods, your scar will be evaluated to determine which approach might work best for you. A number of factors can affect the options that are available. For instance, the type and severity of the scar may mean that it can be treated more effectively with one method as opposed to another. Additionally, Dr. Soine will want to learn more about your health history and any allergies you might have before making a recommendation.

Cosmetic, laser and surgical procedures may all be utilized to minimize the appearance of scarring. Laser resurfacing is often successful as a scar treatment. With this method, a high energy pulse of light is directed at the skin. The light burns away the damaged skin. Dr. Soine has also used collagen injections to make scars appear fainter. Surgical methods may also be effective. These procedures may involve removing the scar entirely and then rejoining the skin. A new scar forms, but it is smaller, neater and less obvious.

These scar treatment methods and others are all practiced at Soine Dermatology & Aesthetics. Although no procedure can promise to completely eliminate a scar, there are nonetheless many ways to make them far less noticeable. Schedule an appointment today to have a consultation with Dr. Soine about a scar and the available treatment methods.

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