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Skin Cancer Treatment

Skin Cancer Treatment Covington LA

Millions of people are diagnosed with skin cancer every year. It’s a serious medical condition that requires the immediate attention of an experienced dermatologist. Skin cancer may be the result of exposure to the harmful rays of the sun. Other forms are hereditary in nature. When caught early, most forms respond well to the various available skin cancer treatments.

Diagnosing and successfully treating skin cancer requires a great deal of knowledge and experience. Dr. Soine carefully examines any unusual dry patches, moles or other growths. Sometimes a dermoscope is used to get a magnified look at the affected area. If a lesion or other growth looks suspicious, Dr. Soine will perform a biopsy to determine whether or not cancer is present and to help determine which skin cancer treatments might be most effective.

Biopsies are typically quick, safe procedures, and skin cancer cannot be confidently diagnosed with them. Dr. Soine precisely removes the affected lesion in part or in whole so that it can be thoroughly examined from every angle. The biopsy enables the doctor to make a certain diagnosis and helps to narrow down which of the skin cancer treatments is most likely to be efficacious.

A number of factors will help Dr. Soine determine which skin cancer treatments may be right for you. The state of your overall health is a primary concern, but the doctor will also weigh the type of cancer and how aggressive it typically is before making a recommendation. He may also look at where the cancer is and what stage it is in before offering an opinion on how to proceed. This is some skin cancer treatments are geared to treat specific forms of the ailment.

Dr. Soine understands that receiving a skin cancer diagnosis can be devastating. That’s why he provides plenty of personalized attention for each patient. This way, the patient is able to have all of their questions and concerns addressed. When patients are able to make informed decisions, their peace of mind increases and they are more likely to experience a positive outcome. With Dr. Soine’s unique combination of compassion, empathy and experience, you’ll know you’re in good hands.

Skin cancer treatments are available in numerous forms. Surgical skin cancer treatments are among the most common. One surgical procedure is the excision, in which the skin is numbed before the affected tissue is cut away from the healthy tissue. Most often this procedure is performed in the dermatologist’s office. A local anesthetic is used, and most patients experience only minimum down time.

Other possible skin cancer treatments include curettage and electrodesiccation in which the tumor is scraped with a curette and then the area is cauterized with an electric needle. Cryosurgery, topical chemotherapy and photodynamic therapy are other possibilities. When you meet with Dr. Soine, you’ll be able to discuss each of these treatments and whether or not they are appropriate for your condition.

A skin cancer diagnosis may be frightening, but early diagnosis and treatment can be highly effective. Contact us to make an appointment and learn about your skin cancer treatment options.

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