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Skin Disorder Treatments

Skin Disorder Treatments in Covington LA

Skin disorders range from mildly irritating to painful distractions that complicate daily living. Some may last only a short while, but others reoccur over the course of a lifetime. Whatever difficulties you may be facing, Dr. Soine can prescribe a wide range of skin disorder treatments.

Acne is a common adolescent complaint, but some adults are plagued by this skin irritation too. Dr. Soine has many skin disorder treatments that can be used to treat this condition. These range from prescription medications to topical treatments containing benzoyl peroxide or retinoids. More serious problems may require more aggressive treatment with surgical extraction or laser therapy.

Many people with psoriasis also seek skin disorder treatments. Although this condition is incurable, many methods can soothe the troubling symptoms of this disorder. Dr. Soine may look into whether or not your condition would respond well to salicylic acid or a steroid based cream. You may also be introduced to the benefits of light therapy or an oral medication that helps to combat this condition.

Eczema is a troubling condition that causes many people to look for skin disorder treatments. Dr. Soine can guide you through the process of making lifestyle changes that may make flare ups less of a concern. Moreover, you may respond well to certain prescription drugs and topical treatments. Phototherapy has also proven to be quite successful with many stubborn cases that don’t respond well to topical skin disorder treatments. Dr. Soine can help you develop an effective way to manage your eczema symptoms.

Like psoriasis and eczema, there is no cure for rosacea at this time. Nonetheless, Dr. Soine can diagnose and provide effective skin disorder treatment for this complaint. Many people are particularly troubled by this ailment because it often appears on the face as redness and bumps filled with pus. Ignoring rosacea symptoms only tends to make them worse, so it’s important to seek proper medical treatment. Rosacea is frequently treated with antibiotics or other oral medications. However, Dr. Soine may review the possibility of laser surgery to reduce the appearance of blood vessels.

Hives or rashes may be caused by a number of different things. A food allergy, insect bite, adverse reaction to medication or another type of exposure can all be culprits to this temporary indisposition. Though these symptoms do pass, they can be very uncomfortable and alarming while present. The only way to ensure proper diagnosis and skin disorder treatment is through consultation with an experienced dermatologist. Dr. Soine can help identify the trigger that caused the reaction, prescribe an antihistamine and suggest ways to make the condition more comfortable until it subsides.

Dr. Soine has built a practice around helping people get the skin disorder treatments they need. While he has assisted patients with all of the above conditions, he has also helped people with other disorders as well. If you are suffering from excessive sweating or any other type of skin disorder, schedule a consultation with Dr. Soine and his friendly, helpful staff.

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