What is Emsculpt? Breaking Down the Hottest New Body Sculpting Treatment

Jul 15, 2019
What is Emsculpt? Breaking Down the Hottest New Body Sculpting Treatment
Perhaps you’ve come across cosmetic body sculpting treatments in the past and you’re skeptical. For good reason. But what is Emsculpt? And how is it different from other treatment options?

Perhaps you’ve come across cosmetic body sculpting treatments in the past and you’re skeptical. For good reason. But what is Emsculpt? And how is it different from other treatment options?

We live in a social media-influencer society that induces unnecessary pressure to look and feel your best every second of the day. It’s a culture that creates unrealistic expectations where it seems like everyone is in peak physical shape, all with minimal fat.

Whether through fad diets or snake oil treatments, it’s also easy to go the wrong way to try to achieve some of those cosmetic goals.

And while a healthy diet and regular exercise regiments are crucial elements to achieving the physical health and appearance you’re striving for, there are other options to help expedite your efforts. All without the risk of taking unknown supplements or taking the advice of the uncertified social media health consultant.

What is Emsculpt?

Emsculpt is an FDA-approved machine that uses high-intensity focused electromagnetic (HIFEM) field technology to trigger supramaximal contractions in highly-specific targeted muscle areas. In this case, it focuses primarily on treating muscles in the abdominal and buttocks regions.

The result improves:

  • The tone
  • Firmness
  • Strength
  • And appearance of those muscle groups

Translation: the toned abs and butt lift you’ve always dreamed of, without the hours spent toiling away at the gym.

Again, it’s FDA-approved. Which means the Food and Drug Administration deemed it safe and effective when performed by a professional. Treatments are non-invasive, and typically only take about 30 minutes from start to finish.


How Does the Emsculpt Technology Work?

Think about the motion of curling a dumbbell. When you work out or undergo any physical activity, your muscles contract.

In the case of the curling motion, you can see and feel your bicep contract. And the heavier weight you use, the more difficult it is, increasing the tension.

That tension creates the soreness you feel the next day. Your body responds to that wear and tear by repairing and rebuilding muscle tissues, which achieves gains in muscle strength and tone.

Which is why over time with the right workout routine, you not only build muscle, but gain strength, and need to increase the amount of weight to achieve the same effect.

A “Super Sit-Up”

An Emsculpt treatment essentially accelerates that process at a rate that seems more science fiction than reality. Basically, a professional places the machine over an area of the body. In this case usually the abs or below the buttocks. Once the machine is activated, high-intensity, focused electromagnetic currents run through the targeted muscle groups.

The process depolarizes nerves in those areas, inducing what’s called supramaximal contractions. They’re like the muscle contractions produced during a normal workout, at a super charged rate that your body otherwise couldn’t produce.

What does that mean, exactly? Well, one treatment is the equivalent of doing 200 sit-ups every day for a year, causing 20,000 muscle contractions at once. And at a 30-minute treatment time, it’s the fastest workout you’ve ever done.

before and after

Does Emsculpt Actually Build Muscle, or Just Reduce Fat?

Since the Emsculpt machine is actually, physically, stimulating those targeted muscle groups and hyper-simulating the contractions achieved in high intensity exercises, Emsculpt is actually building muscle.

And with a gain in muscle comes fat reduction. In fact, a recent study of 33 patients who received four, 30-minute treatments were evaluated after just one-month post application. The results showed that an average fat reduction of 19% took place, with fat reduction as high as 26.6%.

But the main difference between Emsculpt and its competitors? With Emsculpt, you get the cosmetic benefits of fat reduction and toned muscle. Except now you’ll also see an improvement in muscle strength.

Again, the procedure is designed to but your muscles through the contractions felt during an intense workout, on a much higher scale.

Now to be fair, you won’t be lifting cars over your head or breaking world records after one treatment. But you should see noticeable improvements in strength in your own workout routines.

Particularly when it comes to those specific muscle group’s workouts (i.e. squats, lunges, sit-ups, etc.). Emsculpt is a great supplement to an active lifestyle.

What Does Emsculpt Feel Like? 

This is probably the most sought-after answer when it comes to Emsculpt curiosity. Afterall, 20,000 muscle contractions within a 30-minute period can’t feel normal. There has to be some sort of pain for all of that gain, right?

In marketing materials, it’s often described as feeling like “an intense workout.” But anyone who regularly exercises understands there’s a lot more to a workout than simply sitting or lying down while a machine pulses electromagnetic waves through your body for half an hour.

Simply put, it’s strange. The feeling will probably take a little getting used to, but working with a board-certified dermatologist or medical professional will help you through the process.

Emsculpt 2

In most cases the procedure goes through three phases, at each turn the power increases in intensity and the length of the contractions will vary depending on the phase. Expect to feel slightly painful tingles and zaps, but they shouldn’t be overly unbearable.

And don’t be surprised to see your muscles physically move. Emsculpt produces extreme, real contractions. Which means your muscles will, well, contract! But the biggest advantage Emsculpt has over conventional exercising is there’s really no risk of overdoing it.

There aren’t really any adverse effects either. Most patients report seeing results quickly, with little to no pain in the days that follow. Plus, results from the suggested 4-treatments (two hours total) will last from 6 months to as long as a full year!

Get Started with Your Consultation Today and See Real Results

Still think Emsculpt is too good to be true? That’s ok! We’d love to talk to you more in depth about our treatment plans.

Remember, unlike other fast-acting cosmetic procedures, there is nothing artificial about Emsculpt. The results are from direct stimulation to your body and muscle tissues. Meaning the results are 100%, naturally you.

If you’re ready to take the big step towards the body you’ve always dreamed of, reach out to us today for a consultation and learn more about what goes into Emsculpt treatments at Soine Dermatology & Aesthetics.