Emsculpt Before and After: Get the Best Non-Surgical Butt Lift

Sep 10, 2019
Emsculpt Before and After: Get the Best Non-Surgical Butt Lift
We’ve been raving about the results of Emsculpt before and after. But it’s mostly due to the fact that we believe in it as the newest and best way to tone and sculpt your abdomen and buttocks. And it’s completely naturally without any invasive surgeries.

We’ve been raving about the results of Emsculpt before and after. But it’s mostly due to the fact that we believe in it as the newest and best way to tone and sculpt your abdomen and buttocks. And it’s completely naturally without any invasive surgeries.

Imagine doing 2,000 sit-ups in a row. Alternately, visualize yourself doing 200 sit-ups every day for 365 days in a row.

Do you think your butt, tummy and silhouette, will look amazing after all that effort? You bet!

But who has time (or stamina) to do that kind of killer workout? Even if it nets you results you crave? Now you don’t have to because Emsculpt does it for you in – wait for it – 30 minutes.

That is not a typo. Emsculpt delivers the impact of 2,000 sit-ups in a row, or 200 sit-ups per day for 365 days, in a single 30-minute session. But how exactly does Emsculpt does this? And what can this treatment do to give you the best butt lift?

What is a Butt Lift?

What is a butt lift? As the name suggests, a butt lift is a procedure designed to give you the appearance of higher, firmer, rounder buttocks.

It can be achieved through strenuous physical activity like squats and lunges. But if you don’t have the time or energy to put into either, or just want to see big results fast, what are your options?

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If you’ve been researching and striving for a natural-looking butt lift for longer than five minutes, you’ve probably heard the bad news about Brazilian butt lifts, the most dangerous cosmetic surgery as well as one of the most invasive.

Of course, you could always go old school with butt padding undergarments. Or you could try the many creams, lotions and potions that claim to enhance your view from the rear. But those typically exist without any research supporting it at all.

But why go under the knife, tug on uncomfortable shape wear or struggle with slimy creams? Especially when you can achieve a truly natural butt lift in just 30 minutes! That is the question we are addressing here.

What is Emsculpt?

Emsculpt is a U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved machine that employs HIFEM (High Intensity Focused Electro Magnetic) field technology to tone specific muscle groups in both the abdominal and gluteal areas.

The machine is strategically placed over either the abdomen or the buttocks. From there it triggers deep contractions up to 20,000 times. The key is that the technology causes deep supra-maximal muscle contractions that would be impossible to induce otherwise. Even through the most rigorous exercise.

The HIFEM technology pulls double duty by firming muscles and triggering surrounding fat cells to dump their load. The result is a trim, toned and lifted midsection and derriere – no fillers, implants, butt pads or surgery required.

Best of all, patients report there is zero preparation time or downtime associated with the treatment. You go in, get your 30-minute treatment. And when you come back out, you’ll feel and look fitter and more toned to go on with the rest of your day.

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How Emsculpt Can Help

One of the main reasons Emsculpt is such a hit with even the athletic elite is because it can help you achieve (not just aspire to) a level of fitness that even daily rigorous workouts can’t accomplish.

The reason for this is because Emsculpt is a technology-aided micro-workout that you simply couldn’t replicate at the gym. It reaches muscle groups deep in the interior of your body and triggers them in ways no workout ever will.

Most importantly, Emsculpt facilitates a level of repetition that would take you more than a year to do manually. You get toned, tight, trim and fit in the time it takes to wait in traffic to reach your local gym.

If you have been struggling to eliminate small but stubborn pockets of pooch, Emsculpt targets and eliminates them using only your own muscles for leverage. You don’t have to worry about injections, incisions, recovery time or downtime to get the fully natural look you crave.

Emculpt Before and After

Emculpt before and after photos show the most contrast at the four-week mark or later. That time period gives the body time to dump the extra fat, kill off the fat cells, restructure the targeted muscle groups and give you the contour you are aiming for.

The average reported fat loss is around 19 percent with a corresponding muscle fiber increase of around 16 percent.

Your Buttocks After Emsculpt

One of the many unique properties of Emsculpt treatment is that you will leave your treatment feeling as good as and often even better than you felt walking in.

The most patients have reported at the end of treatment sessions is a mild tingling that quickly fades. Even similar popular non-invasive procedures like CoolSculpt cannot deliver this level of seamless segue into post-treatment life.

What CoolSculpt and Emsculpt share in common is that it can take some time to see the full results of your Emsculpt treatment. This is because your fat cells will be mobilizing to shed excess even while your muscles are strengthening and toning and on their way through what is essentially a full interior remodeling process.

You will notice more lift and firmness at two to four weeks after your procedure. Often one to three follow-up treatments are recommended depending on your appearance goals. After a full course of treatment, the lift, tone and firmness you achieve will remain for at least twelve months.

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Emsculpt as a Supplement to Exercise

To increase the impact of your treatment results, it is best to continue with your regular exercise and fitness regimen.

Adopting a daily diet that favors fat burning and plenty of hydration will aid your body in killing off fat cells, dumping fat stores and cleansing your body of toxins and water weight.

Emsculpt can be a powerful supplement to exercise on any number of levels, including post-pregnancy.

Emsculpt has also shown that it can assist the body with repairing post-partem Diastasis Recti and restoring the normal structure of the abdomen. This makes Emsculpt a viable alternative to a full tummy tuck for new moms who want to avoid the risks (not to mention the extensive recovery time) of going under the knife.

After even one Emsculpt treatment, every squat, every lunge, every workout you do will deliver improvements over what you would have achieved with the same workout pre-treatment.

Your muscles will already be churning and burning as a result of the Emsculpt treatment and every single subsequent repetition will enhance their results even further.

If you are a professional in the modeling, fitness or sports industry, Emsculpt will give you that extra leg up over your competitors and the confidence to bring your A-game to your career dreams every single day.

Schedule a Consultation with an Emsculpt Specialist

Are you ready to find out if you are a candidate for Emsculpt treatment? The best candidates are at or near their ideal body weight, are in good physical shape overall and have an ongoing regular fitness program.

Your first step towards scheduling an Emsculpt treatment is to make an appointment. Call us for an initial consultation with an Emsculpt specialist.

If you’re ready to take the big step towards the body you’ve always dreamed of, reach out to us today for a consultation and learn more about what goes into Emsculpt treatments at Soine Dermatology & Aesthetics.

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