Does Emsculpt Get Rid of Fat?

Jan 02, 2020
Does Emsculpt Get Rid of Fat?
Discover what stars like Drew Barrymore have used successfully to finally lose that unwanted weight and attain the figure they’ve always dreamed of. 

Discover what stars like Drew Barrymore have used successfully to finally lose that unwanted weight and attain the figure they’ve always dreamed of. 

Emsculpt is a popular and useful new tool for literally “sculpting” your abs and butt to make them firmer and more shapely. In the case of the abs, that means flatter, and in the case of the butt, it means rounder. The question is, in the process of getting to these goals, does Emsculpt get rid of fat? And, fortunately, the answer is a resounding yes.

The following will explain precisely how Emsculpt works to give you a rounder tush and a flatter tummy, including its role in getting rid of fat in the interest of achieving those results. 

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What is Emsculpt?

Emsculpt is a non-invasive, FDA-approved treatment using electromagnetic pulses and vibrations. To receive an Emsculpt treatment, you simply go to your dermatologist’s office and lie down on a comfortable table. The dermatologist will then connect you to the Emsculpt unit.

The attachment looks like little more than a padded paddle strapped to your abs, buttocks, thighs, or another target area. You keep your clothes on the whole time, and there are no needles involved or anesthetics necessary. The feeling of getting an Emsculpt treatment is similar to that of performing an intensive workout, except you get to relax lying on your back the whole time. 

According to Emsculpt, a full recommended treatment series involves four sessions of 30 minutes each over two weeks. Emsculpt says users may not see the most significant benefits; however, until about three months after the treatment is completed. From this point, you can continue to see improvements for about three more months, or up until about six months after completing the treatment series. 

How Does Emsculpt Get Rid of Fat?

During an Emsculpt treatment session, the dermatologist will control the unit to deliver a succession of electromagnetic pulses or vibrations at an increasing rate. These pulses the Emsculpt machine emits, force your muscle fibers to contract up to 20,000 times in only 30 minutes rapidly. This is far faster than a human being could ever do that on his or her own, even with regular exercise. Consider it like attempting to perform 20,000 full squats or crunches in a single 30-minute session. 

When the muscles contract so many times so rapidly in such a short time, it prompts the muscles to release certain chemicals known as free fatty acids that, in turn, cause nearby fat cells to break down. At that point, the body is then able to metabolize those broken-down fat cells and excrete them as waste. 

Simply put, the muscles need fuel to power all these contractions. That fuel comes in the form of calories, which your body provides by burning up its stores of fat in those areas. At the same time, the muscles thicken and strengthen along the entire abdominal sheath from the groin up to the rib cage.

Your dermatologist will tailor your specific Emsculpt treatment to the area or areas you wish to target. If, for example, you want to have firmer, rounder buttocks, the dermatologist will control the Emsculpt unit to retain the fat cells that help enhance the desired shape of the butt while shedding all the other cells getting in the way of that perfect pert roundedness.

Emsculpt is rumored to be in the process of developing unique treatment methods to target the thighs and arms as well. 

What Kind of Fat Loss Results Can I Expect With Emsculpt?


Emsculpt sponsored a study of 33 patients undergoing the treatment. After one month, the study found patients lost an average of 19% of subcutaneous abdominal fat, and after three months, it found they lost an average of 23% of it.

In a different study, three months following Emsculpt treatment, 19 patients reduced their waists by an average of 1.7 inches. In general, Emsculpt studies have found a fat reduction ranging from 15% to 20% following a full two-week round of Emsculpt treatments. 

While you won’t likely see much fat loss immediately after an Emsculpt session or even during the two-week treatment period, after the treatment series is complete, you will start to notice results similar to those you might expect from working out with a trainer and eating a strict low-fat or fat-free diet for between six months and a year. 

In addition to helping you shed fat, Emsculpt also helps to tighten muscle fibers. As a result, some Emsculpt users have even reported to their dermatologists that Emsculpt allowed them to achieve their first “six-pack” abs of their lives. 

For pregnant women, Emsculpt can also help to reduce the common abdominal separation known as diastasis recti by up to 10 percent. This is the same problem that leads many women post-pregnancy to undergo tummy tuck surgery. 

The FDA has approved Emsculpt for toning, firming, and strengthening the abdomen and rear end. 

Tips for Best Results Getting Rid of Fat with Emsculpt

For the best results, getting rid of fat with Emsculpt, use it in combination with, rather than instead of, exercise. Do not use Emsculpt as a substitute for exercise.

Emsculpt targets muscle stimulation to one area or muscle group, whereas exercise involves the entire body, including the heart and lungs, as well as the other muscles, nerves, bones, and organs that support are supported by or otherwise relate to those target muscles.

Exercise ensures that your whole body supports your fat loss around the abdomen and rear end, helping you not just to achieve it but maintain it as well. Think of Emsculpt, perhaps, as the body contouring technique to help you gain the confidence and core strength you need to begin working out. 

Be aware that Emsculpt does work better for some people than others. Specifically, Emsculpt tends to work best for people who are already in decent physical shape and simply have more fat in certain areas than they’d like. On the other hand, when someone has generalized fat excesses all over his or her body, the results from Emsculpt may be less noticeable or pronounced.

People with metal or electronic implants or a medical history of hernias or other muscle concerns should not use Emsculpt.

In addition to being useful for people wishing to tone their abdomen and firm their buttocks, Emsculpt can also be beneficial to people recovering from an injury, such as athletes recovering from sports-related injuries. Emsculpt can be extremely helpful for people undergoing physical therapy to support increased muscle strength while avoiding storing excess fat.