How to Lift Your Butt: 5 Ways to Lift Your Bottom

Oct 23, 2019
How to Lift Your Butt: 5 Ways to Lift Your Bottom
Many people are looking to make their backsides look better—more attractive, firmer, and rounder. In this article, we will discuss how to lift your butt effectively.

Core Strength

Many people are looking to make their backsides look better—more attractive, firmer, and rounder. In this article, we will discuss how to lift your butt effectively.

How to Lift Your Butt: 5 Ways That Really Work

Developing muscle is a key component for lifting your butt. While genetics plays a role, you can achieve a rounder and firmer butt with exercise, dietary and lifestyle changes, and FDA-approved techniques. 

Tip 1: Build Core Strength

If you wonder how to lift your butt through your core, it is because everything connects. Your glutes attach to your pelvis, and you need a strong core to keep it in place. 

Without core stability, you may develop low back pain. If you have a weak core, your back compensates because your hips cannot properly function. This leads directly to your butt, which is made up of three muscles.

You automatically engage your abs when your hips function as they should. In turn, you help your back and glutes work to keep everything stable.

Core Strength 2

Additionally, if you have a weak pelvic floor, you may not get the results you want from solely working on your butt. You cannot achieve that firmer bottom without developing core power.

Many exercises target your abs, core, and lower back while working your butt too. Exercises like bridges are common because they contract your muscles. 

To maintain your core and help lift your butt, incorporate lengthening exercising too, including Pilates.

Tip 2: Work With Your Body Type

You may already do squats, leg lifts and other exercises designed to tone and firm your butt. However, ask yourself if you work your glutes from all angles, and if you enjoy your workouts.

Do not force yourself to perform activities that are painful or hurt. If you dislike one, find a workout you enjoy. If you like to dance, for example, use that as your foundation.

Also, try workouts designed for your body type if you have not achieved your desired shape. You cannot spot reduce, but you can gain lean muscle. No matter your body type, you still need a well-rounded program.

Body types include:

  • Pear — If you have this shape, you carry more fat in your hips, butt, and thighs. You likely have a larger backside, but that does not mean you cannot firm it. Focus on balancing out the bottom by also strengthening your upper body.
  • Hourglass — Those with an hourglass figure have a more balanced top and bottom.
  • Apple — In contrast to the pear shape, those with apple figures are larger on top. Excess fat tends to gather in the belly and lower back. This makes the butt look flat because it has less fat there.
  • Straight — This body shape tends to lack curves. People have narrow hips and a flatter behind.

To find workout programs for your body type without a gym membership, check out YouTube channels. Many trainers offer free exercise programs designed for specific body types. 

Extra Tip: You do not need to stick to workouts created for your body type. Additionally, you may notice you fall in between categories. Plans like these give you a chance to compare other workouts. This allows you to mix and match. Look for plans with modifications for your experience level.

Tip 3: Review Your Diet

On average, you need to eat around 13 calories per pound. To achieve a firmer butt, you may need to eat more calories than you burn initially. Once you achieve your desired shape, maintain your caloric intake.

Eat foods that offer high protein levels, good fat, complex carbs, and amino acids.

Your Diet

Some examples include:

  • Salmon or flax seeds — Both contain good fat, protein, and omega−3 fatty acids. These fatty acids help build muscle.
  • Nuts — These provide healthy fat and calories that your body needs. Based on your goals, look for nuts that contain more protein or fat. Almonds contain more protein than fat. In contrast, macadamia nuts have the highest fat content, coming in around 65%.
  • Nut butter — Add some to oatmeal, a smoothie, or protein shake to get in more calories.
  • Complex carbohydrates — Complex carbs provide energy. A good choice is quinoa, especially for vegans and vegetarians. It provides all nine essential amino acids. Quinoa is a complete protein too.
  • Avocado — This fruit contains good fat, protein, and vitamins, especially potassium. Electrolytes help prevent dehydration and muscle spasms.
  • Lean proteins — This includes foods like chicken, fish, or tofu. They help build lean body mass.

Tip 4: Make Basic Lifestyle Changes

If you have been inactive for a prolonged period of time, or sit too long without breaks, your muscles become dormant.

While sitting may make your butt look larger because of the distribution of fat, you may develop an anterior pelvic tilt. That makes your butt stick out. You still need to strengthen and tone.

Engage your glutes when you:

  • Do the dishes. While cleaning them, do standing leg raises. They strengthen your ankles, stretch your feet, work your calves, and firm your glutes.
  • Choose the stairs over the elevator. This adds in some extra cardio too.
  • Improve posture. Standing up straight makes your hips move outward. This gives the appearance of a firmer backside.

Tip 5: Look into FDA Approved Alternatives Like EMSCULPT®

If you need extra help, plastic surgery provides options—like getting a Brazilian Butt Lift or having liposuction. If you feel uneasy about surgery, consider EMSCULPT®.


In 2018, the FDA approved technology developed by BLT. The company created EMSCULPT®, citing the need to focus on additional aspects besides fat reduction to gain a rounded bottom.

Skin, muscle, and fat all contribute to how we look. EMSCULPT® focuses on those three components.

The treatment uses electromagnetic waves, called High-Intensity Focused Electromagnetic (HIFEM) technology, to target the area.

While EMSCULPT® may also be used on abs, the butt treatment was considered a breakthrough—the first non-invasive butt lift.

HIFEM works by penetrating the skin—without hurting it—to target fat and muscle. The electromagnetic waves cause contractions, but at a more intense level than working out. 

Those contractions then disrupt the body’s inner structure. In turn, your muscles and tissues must adapt and change. During a session, your bottom builds muscle and sculpts the area.

In addition to building muscle and sculpting, benefits include:

  • Fat cell reduction – When you firm butt muscles, you may lift your derrière.
  • Burn fat – To lift your butt, you must burn fat. EMSCULPT® helps burn off the excess amount.
  • Toning – Along with burning fat and building muscle, toning helps achieve the results you want.

EMSCULPT® sessions last for around 30 minutes, and studies suggest undergoing a series of four treatments. That translates into two sessions twice a week for two continuous weeks.

After four sessions, patients:

  • Saw an increase of muscle by 16%.
  • Saw a reduction of fat by 19%.

On average, results last around six months. A provider will likely suggest maintenance sessions, so you keep your firmer and lifted butt.

Track Progress and Make Changes When Needed

Now that you learned how to lift your butt consider keeping a journal to track your progress. Refer to your notes and make modifications to your exercise plan, diet, or daily tasks.

If you still lack results, non-surgical techniques like EMSCULPT® may help firm, tone, and lift your bottom.

Are you interested in EMSCULPT®? Do you have questions about EMSCULPT®? We’d love to chat with you.